WK Interact: ACT 2.5

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Né en France, WK Interact a vécu pendant 20 ans à New York, où le paysage urbain est devenu la toile de fond parfaite pour ses travaux, des images et figures puissantes et énergiques qui courent, sautent et bougent dans cet environnement urbain. Act 2.5 montre le travail révolutionnaire de l'artiste autant dans la rue qu'en atelier.

Couverture rigide | 24 x 17 cm | 96 p. | 2009 | ang


Special offer : 15 € instead of 20 €

Born in France, WK Interact has lived and breathed New York City for the last 20 years, where the urban landscape has become the perfect backdrop for his cutting-edge work - highly energetic and dynamic images of figures running, jumping, and moving through the urban environment. This visually stunning volume showcases WK Interact's groundbreaking work in which he brings his iconic street art to the indoors, allowing him to add levels of complexity and energy never before seen.

Softcover | 24 x 17 cm | 96 p. | 2009 | En