Futura 2000, Full Frame


First edition
Limited edition of 1500 copies
Hardcover, 242 pages, 29 x 31 cm
Publication date: January 2019
Language: English
Text by Futura, Magda Danysz, Vittorio Parisi

This book is the first ever to bring together the fruits of his extraordinary creativity in one place. With a rich collection of photographs, this coffee table book will present Futura’s work from his early beginnings to his current work, making it of interest not just for fans of his work but also for book lovers looking for a high-quality item.

“As an abstract graffiti artist, Futura opened the door to a new form of creativity, paving the road for the most important art movement of the century to blossom. His contribution and the way he inspired then generations of street artists turned him into an American legend.” – Madga Danysz.

by Futura