Galerie Openspace was founded in Paris in 2012 by the couple Nicolas Chenus and Samantha Longhi, both passionate about urban art for over twenty years, authors of numerous books and founders of the magazine Graffiti Art.

With a beautiful 240 m2 space located in the dynamic 11th arrondissement, Galerie Openspace is the benchmark gallery for urban contemporary art in Paris. Turned to the international scene, it supports the work of emerging and established artists and organizes beautiful scenographic exhibitions. It also offers support and real expertise to collectors. Its artistic line is open to both figurative and abstract artists, always giving pride of place to technique.

Galerie Openspace offers an exclusive selection of Urban Contemporary Art and works with a fine selection of  international artists : Andrew Hem (US), Augustine Kofie (US), Dan Rawlings (GB), Doze Green (US), Éric Lacan (FR), Gleo (CO), Levalet (FR), Madame (FR), Maxime Drouet (FR), Miss Van (FR), Mist (FR), Robert Proch (PL), Rouge Hartley (FR), SatOne (DE).

116, boulevard Richard Lenoir - 75011 Paris
Du mercredi au vendredi de 14h à 19h
Le samedi ; de 11h à 13h et de 14h à 20h

Tél. : + 33 9 80 66 63 94
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